Friday, April 01, 2005

Soon, They Commit Me

Ok. It's Friday. So that meant trip number two *this week* to a fab knitting store that we found that isn't too far from the office. (Not too far on a day that *isn't* Friday with traffic up the wazoo and every truck on the planet needing to do some awkward traffic move in front of me that holds us up as we rush to the store...!!!)

Anyway....6 skeins for a groovy new poncho pattern I found in Stitch 'N Bitch Nation; 2 skeins of something I needed like a whole in the head, but was too cute to pass up; 2 skeins of really cute red and orange yarn to make an ADORABLE purse; glass swirly button for said purse; one pair of 17 inch bamboo circulars for the groovy poncho -- and I was all set to check out.

Damage done: $203.00. Oh well. It's an addition. I'll admit it. My name is StacyO and I'm a Yarn-aholic. Whatever. It's payday. And I'll look cute in my new poncho.

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