Monday, February 06, 2012

I Own a Lot of Yarn

It's no secret. I like to buy yarn. I try to limit myself to yarns that have a specific project associated with them, but sometimes I break that rule. Or I decide I hate the project after I've purchased the yarn. What looked like the "Best Sweater Ever" one week turned into the "What Was I Thinking Sweater" the next.

Alas, my stash is rather large. Which is fine except it was becoming unruly. I was storing it everywhere and was beginning to lose track of what was where.

The final straw broke when I stored skeins in the living room media cabinet.

Husbands don't understand the concept of yarn stored in living rooms. It made perfect sense to me, but not to him. Ultimately, it worke
d out to my advantage because he built me a great Ikea wall unit for all of my stuff -- yarn included.

I gathered yarn from all over the house and organized it by color.


Then stored it neatly into its new home.


Upon further look, I'm not the only one who likes the new storage solution.