Thursday, March 31, 2005

3 Plus 4 Minus 5 = Zilch!

So I started my "further adventures in knitting" class this past monday. It's one of those adult education classes that are taught at a local high school. The teacher works in a local knitting store and has 25 years of knitting experience under her belt. My expectations aren't out of whack. I expect to be an expert knitter at the end of the 8-week class!

She suggested I skip the 3 needle knitting in the round process for my red hat project, and use 4 needles in the round instead -- using the 5th needle to knit. She said it was easier than 3. (We all agreed that circular needles would be best, but the circumference of the hat is too small for circulars, unless I had Lilliputian hands, which I don't.)

Plus, I liked challenge of knitting in the round. And, since I didn't cast on the correct number of stitches for a K2, P2 ribbing effect in my first (well, second) attempt, I had to start all over anyway, so why not?

I began the project again last night -- this time knitting in the round using the new 4/5 needle way. Need I say I ripped it all out again?? This time I forgot to join the two ends together. Duh.

I'm hopeful that these are all just newbie mistakes and that one day this will all be a cinch. Or at the very least, I'll actually be able to wear my cute red hat!

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k said...

somewhere around the 3rd rip-out is where i throw the whole project out of the window and go back to my garter-stitched scarf.

but that's just me.