Wednesday, March 23, 2005

God Damn This F#@ing St*@#d Cr&p!

"I thought this knitting thing was supposed to be relaxing," my husband asked me after hearing me swear like a sailor at one of my latest knitting projects.

"It is!" I replied hastily. "When you know what you're doing!!"

That was me trying to knit my first hat. I eventaully finished it and my vocabulary became a little less obscene. Until the next time I discovered one too many or too few stitches at the end of a row.


k said...

knitting isn't relaxing in the least. it's one of the most frustrating things i've ever tried.

and yet, day after day, it calls to me. i can't get enough.

i blame YOU entirely.

ww said...

I have a beautiful blue scalloped scarf (or so the pattern says) that I walk by each day and think to myself

I really need to finish that...but my frustration levels get so high before I ever pick up the damn needles that I can't seem to get it done!!!

susannacucina said...

I prefer to have family members knit articles for me. Of course they get full credit when strangers comment on how lovely my scarves are.

teresa said...

sad how i enjoy other people with a potty mouth just like me!!! maybe we just understand each others need to get it out of our system.