Sunday, April 17, 2005

Birthday, The Sea Ranch and Lambswool

Spent a great birthday weekend in a fab rental home in The Sea Ranch, a wonderful 10-mile stretch of rugged landscape on Highway One in coastal Sonoma County.

Pilot's Reach
View of the house

We took a morning walk to the local hotel for breakfast. The views are so spectacular that you forget how hungry you are in your brisk one-hour trek (!) for food.

The Sea Ranch Fence
Such a view! Like buttah!

Coincidentally, the hotel had a gift shop. Imagine that. Also coincidentally, it had been about 48 hours from *any* shopping for me and I was getting restless -- beautiful views or not! And guess what I found?

The Sea Ranch Wool. And birthday flowers and card
The Sea Ranch Wool.

50 grams of fine yarn from the sheep that graze on The Sea Ranch. Had to grab myself a some (four) of these. According to the wrapper, "Before The Sea Ranch, this land was a sheep ranch. The sheep have been brought back to provide an environmentally gentle way to protect us from fire hazards."

So while the sheep are busy protecting the land from fires, I will be contemplating the creation of a Sea Ranch hat. Or scarf. Or something else wooly and great. Something I know I'll wear on my next trip to The Sea Ranch.

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