Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Seamless Sweater - One Armed Bandit

Just one arm to go.

I decided on a slight bell shaped sleeve with seed stitch on the end to match the bottom of the sweater.

By next week it should be completed. Just in time for 80 degree weather. Perfect!


riseyp said...

That is very cute!! Seed stitch is my favorite!!

And with the luck we've been having in SF weather-wise this spring, you'll probably be able to wear it!

And don't forget that's (brr! cold!) summer is coming...

Anonymous said...

looking good! love it! 80 degrees? what are u nuts? san fran only gets that hot three times a year. you could totally wear that sweater all year round ;)

Inky said...

you've been knitting since Feb 05 and you are almost finished with an f'ing sweater? i hate you. alot. pttthhhh.

thanks for the comment on my angry hallowig wearing kitty. i love you. alot. smootch.

did i mention i'm bipolar?

stacyo said...

I swear! I'm not a very good knitter. I could not have done this sweater without the 4 week COURSE i took to help me every friggin step of the way! I even made 2 special "trips" to the knitting store to help undo major screw ups. I swear!! With direction from a pro -- anyone can do this. (and yes, I know it's not 'de rigeur' to comment on your own blog but i don't care!)

laurie said...

Oh! It's lovely lovely, and the seed stitch border is BEE-yoo-tee-full!!!

Queenie said...

pretty color, pretty yarn, pretty stitch. pretty, pretty, pretty.