Monday, April 11, 2005

The Bear in a Shameless Seamless Sweater Plug

Profile: The Bear (aka Boo Boo Bear)
Age: About 3
Story: Rescued from Madera Shelter duing the Marin Humane Society's yearly Whiskers on Wheels event.
Personality: Sweetest cat that ever lived. Come on -- he lets me put a not-yet-completed sweater on him.

Sweater Bear
He looks pretty cute if you ask me. (The cat. And the sweater too, come to think of it.)


laurie said... that is cute! And look at those even, purty, professional-looking stitches!

Ruth said...

he IS cute... makes you want to cuddle with him (and the sweater too) haha
P.S. i got the felted bag pattern on (believe it or not) Joann Store's site: (look under the "projects" page, and it's titled "Knitted Felt Purse".

erlsk said...

Get a life, pussy cat!