Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Today. Lunch time at the office. We have a kitchen with two large tables that we all gather round every day and comment on what everyone else is eating. Lately, the "knitters" have been ballsy enough to bring our work with us to the tables. Right there in the open. With all the world to see.

Yes, we hear the snickering. We see the sideway glances. We hear the "old lady spinster" jokes. We just don't care. We like to knit. It's not so much the process as the excitement to have something new to wear or give as a gift.

"Shit" is what came out of my mouth as I dropped my right needle. (yes, with stitches on it. I mean the one that used to have stitches on it.) Right there at the lunch table. Me. Cursing. Go figure.

Me: "Oh, sorry, it's the knitting."

KnittingWannaBe sitting across from me: "Stacy...It's not the knitting."

She's no dummy, that KnittingWannaBe.

Tomorrow, she gets her first knitting lesson. And we'll see what a potty mouth she'll turn into overnight!


k said...

hey! i know that KnittingWannaBe and i am already deathly afraid of her.

thinking of her brandishing needles is a terrifying thought!

i do believe you are creating a monster...

ww said...

maybe the wannabe will develop some compassion but meanwhile...stay out of the way of those needles...they can be dangerous ya know, especially in the hands of a newbie...

laurie said...

I thought "shit" was the stitch that followed "yarnover." In my house it is, anyway!