Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What Happens When You Leave a Poncho on the Couch?

Moneypenny decides it's a good place to knead.

And knead some more.

Before settling in for what she thinks is about to be a nice nap.

Too bad her momma was leaving for work and taking the poncho with her.

Moneypenny: "This is beat. When the hell am I getting my own Kitty Pi?"


aroha said...

OHMYGOD what an absofreakinlutely adorably precious kitty!!!!!!

riseyp said...

I agree! The last picture is my fave. She's so predddy!

Skylar said...

You know, my hairless is dying for a Kitty Pi...Poor guy! I can't even bear to photograph him in his current disgusting choice of repose. Icky poo! Moneypenny is ADORABLE and I love the name.