Sunday, April 03, 2005

"Your Blog is Stupid"

That's what my sister emailed me recently. Mostly she was pissed because she couldn't find the comment she posted earlier and accused me of removing it to add more "jibberish." (Lack of web skills and the knowledge to click on "comments" would have helped...) but hey -- she might suck at computers but speaks fluent Italian and can run circles around me in the kitchen. So I'll keep blogging and she can keep making the meatballs...

In the meantime, she asked for pictures. "I want to see stuff."

Ask and ye shall receive. Here is an assortment of stuff that I've completed over the last few weeks or works in progress. No animals were hurt in the photography process. (Sleep was disturbed, yes. But come on. They sleep 20 hours a day -- what's a few minutes for a bit of Knit Kitty Knit fame?)

Simple garter stich scarf with very cool (and cheap) Peacock yarn from Joann's. The scarf brings out the blue in Missy's eye.
Image hosted by

This scarf was made with Moda Dea Tutu. I used a checkerboard pattern (k4,p4 for 25 stiches and then flip) which you really can't see unless you look at it closely.
Image hosted by
I don't mind. Because not only can't you see the checkerboard, you can't see all the mistakes I made, either!

This is the same poncho that my mom made. Once I saw hers I ran out to get yarn so I could make my own.Image hosted by
The hat I made with left over yarn. Bad enough that my ass freezes when I wear the poncho. At least my head can be warm!Image hosted by

I love this pom pom yarn. I wanted it to go with the eyelash yarn to make a great long and wide scarf using 17 needles. But the eyelash was too overwhelming when combined with the pom pom. And the pom pom was too airy on its own. So I opted for a shawl, just using the eyelash in the first two rows and the first and last stitch on each row.
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We'll see how this ends up. On my shoulders or rolled up back in balls in my yarn drawer...

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