Monday, May 02, 2005

One Project Only? Never.

Lest you think I've only been working on my seamless sweater, here is an update of some of the things I'm still working on. (And that seamless sweater is almost done. Really. Just about 3 inches of the last sleeve!) Image hosted by
Polka dot shawl. Not moving quickly, but I'll finish it. Eventually.
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Remember this nightmare? Oddly enough, it wasn't me. The pattern was wrong in Stitch N Bitch Nation! A quick look at their errata page and my yarn overs line up sooooo nicely. Now I only have about 9 more feet of this thing to knit!
Image hosted by
Hasana shawl. This discontinued yarn is looking nice. And I learned how to do the drop (or elongated) stitch from the excellent site Knitting Help.
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The Bear. He just can't help but be a model. These are stockinette swatches that I think we're going to learn how to knit together in my knitting class tonite.


Anonymous said...

in the interest of helping you maintain a high quota of projects, i just wanted to let you know i'm open to scarves and sweaters. (and if you could nag certain someones to please make me my ribbed knit hat that would be great)

-el snarkster

laurie said...

Look, it's bear! Bear in yarn! Sooooo cute!!!!

Was the Sn'B Nation pattern really wrong? WOW. because I was thinking that would be a cute project for my sister in law, but dude, i am so bad at The Math and I would never be able to tell the pattern was off. Also, me? Totally impressed with all your projects :)