Saturday, May 21, 2005

Fab Lace Workshop

On Thursday night four of us went to a Lace Workshop at Urban Knitting Studio. TheMotha (who flew in from New York for this); Kristy, Norma and me. Helen, owner of the knitting store, was our master teacher.

Norma’s been knitting for years and can run circles around the rest of us. TheMotha is a knit-and-purl-exclusively kind of knitter. Kristy is willing to try anything no matter how many times she has to rip it out. Me? I’m in Kristy’s camp. You fuck up a few, you rip out a few, curse a little (or a lot), and start all over until you figure it out.

When we showed up at the studio we announced that we brought wine with us. “Hmmm,” said Helen. “There will be no wine until 9 pm.” (The class was to start at 6:30 and go until 9:30.)

The objective of the class was to create a swatch of 5 new lace stitches. So if YOs, SSKs or PSSOs make you shiver, either run for the door immediately or put on something warm, pull up a chair with some yarn and needles, and get to work.

First we learned the Turkish Stitch. That one, we all agreed, was pretty easy.

TheMotha getting some instruction.

Then we got the cat’s eye. Not so easy. It was as this point the talking pretty much stopped except for the occasional “shit!” or “dammit” or “uh oh.” We each had to pay extreme attention to what we were doing.

All we really needed was some wine to fog our head while trying to figure out P2, *P2TOG, (P1, K1) into 2 YO’s from previous row…etc. Yeah, right. No wonder Helen knew to keep the cork in the bottle until late in the class.

Norma works a lace stitch.

Kristy rips back.

We continued on with the Double Brioche stitch. This one is really cool. And pretty simple, too, once you get into the rhythm of the stitches.

TheMotha shows off her swatch.

The last two stitches were Roman Stripe and Star Rib Mesh. I wouldn’t exactly call them easy, but certainly do-able. (Sorry, I hate that stupid word too, but it worked here.)

My swatch of all 5 stitches.

Chance says: "Ooh. Your swatch highlights my handsome face. Can I bite you now?"

All in all, a great class. Just think of the projects we can add to our lists using any of these fab lace stitches.

Oh yeah, and that bottle of wine?

Still aging.


k said...

the class *was* amazing. stacy, you don't do yourself justice because you are extremely talented and have probably already completed an entire lace-stitched poncho.

whereas i, fueled by my new skills, thought i could finish the chemo cap and instead ripped the entire thing out completely. right.

also, for anyone reading this, i actually only have one chin. i swear.

the "mothER" said...

As for the wine, I was only speaking for the needs of the entire group. It was our teacher who kept us focused on the stitches -- not the "toasting."

ww said...


Thank you so very much for turning us all on to this AWESOME class! I am now an avid Urban Knitter & Helen fan! I went home, knitted up a fluffy scarf in turkish and than ATTACKED my famous blue scarf, ripped it back and got started again! I feel positively inspired.


riseyp said...


what great genes you have! your "motha" looks fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...
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