Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sewing. Only Better.

My eight-week “Further Adventures In Knitting” class at night at the local high school is about to come to an end and I’ve learned a lot of technical stuff I’m not sure I could have figured out on my own.

Looking at pictures about how to knit a Kitchener stitch and learning it hands on are not quite the same thing, if you know what I mean…so the class was quite useful.

We recently learned how to seam things together. And anyone who’s gotten an up close look at my poncho knows that seaming things together is NOT my forte. Probably because it was very sewing-esque.

Here’s what we just learned. (Contrasting color yarn used on purpose so I could see what I was doing.)

Seaming edges:
seaming edges

Kitchener stitch:
kitchener stitch

3-Needle Bind Off and grafting open stitches to a closed end:
3 needle bind off

Duplicate stitch:
duplicate stitch
See the blue thread? It just follows an original stitch on the WS and magically hides your tails. Imagine that! No lumpy knots to push through the front. Fab.

So in my little knitting world, it’s kind of like sewing, just way better. And no staples needed.


riseyp said...

Lookin' good, stacyo!

Now I need to find a local high school class, as I have much yarn and nothing to show for it!!!

k said...

um, that is so amazing.

you are a gifted knitter.

i will return to making lumpy hats and single-colored scarves now.