Sunday, May 15, 2005

Not a Stitch. Not One Freakin' Stitch.

That's how much I knitted this weekend. Why? Because I'm a sucker for cute.

box mac mini
Cute, huh? The (relatively) new Mac Mini.

I've been coveting it since it came out a few months ago. It's so small! And so cute! (And if you don't know this about me yet, I'm a sucker for cute.)

Just think of all the room I'll have in my office at home! I can get rid of that clunky desktop on the floor. Spread out. Maybe for once have a neat desk. ( promises on that.)

And since I'm married to a man who makes Felix Unger look sloppy -- he'd be overjoyed at my potentially neat office. And clean desk. (Just don't open the desk drawers. Or the the closet...And, why yes, those are 8 pairs of black boots. They do too look different from each other.)

So I marched into the Apple store on Thursday night, plunked down my credit card and brought me home my very own Mac Mini. I didn't attempt to start setting it up until Saturday. You know, set it up in an hour or so, post all the old crap on Ebay, and finish my seamless sweater sleeves.

Not so fast, sucker.

Fast forward to Sunday night. Let's revisit my weekend:
  • 2 trips to the Apple Store's "Genius Bar"
  • 3 calls to Apple's tech support (45 minutes to 1 hour+ each)
  • At least one hour back and forth under the desk swapping out cables from one machine to the other
  • Another hour or so online surfing Apple's tech support pages
  • That seamless sweater? Still sitting in the same place it was on Friday night.
And I still can't get the data off my old G4 onto my new mac mini. I even brought in my husband, a PC smarty pants. Now a fully confirmed hater of Apple.

The "set up assistant" just doesn't work. And Apple can't figure it out. So much for their Genius Bar...

Luckily I know a guy who is truly a mac genius. He said he'd come by Wednesday night to help sort out the disaster.

But look how purty it looks in the corner of my desk.

mac mini


Chela Jane said...


Stacy, I hate to say that I am using you as my Mac Mini tester.... but yikes! I have a G4, I have a PC loving/MAC hating husband... I want a Mini... I thought it might have faster processing than my G4... no? Or has it even made it to that stage... I hate to venture to ask...

Thank you for the comments about my bag. I'll tell you that my little mistakes are hidden in the bottom too!

Happy knitting on the seamless sweater.

28goingon40 said...

I can not believe how small that mini mac is. That's amazing. No wonder why you been coveting it! Good Luck. I am horrible with technology and already had to return my 3 week old ipod because I got a fatal error.
Why do these things always happen to the people who know less than nothing about how to fix computers?
I'm sure your guru will be able to make miracles happen and it's probably the simplest crossed wire or something.

Inky said...

I covet your Mac Mini. I miss my iMac so much that I could not get rid of it when it died a sad and tragic death. It awaits in the shed to become an aquarium one day.

Vanessa said...

Oh how pretty!
I recently became a mac convert - previously only used pc's then got an iBook G4 last year and I am in love. I'm still not the most tech-savy person around but luckily my eldest aunt is a mac genius and she's able to help me out when I need it so I've never had to make a visit to the Genius Bar.

stacyo said...

chelajane -- a mac mini may have a faster processor than your old G4. my old g4 has a 400 ghz processor. the mac mini i just got is 1.42 ghz. so in theory, it should be faster.