Monday, May 09, 2005

Not To Harp On The Big Head Thing For Too Long...

Kristy decided that the hat pattern I found (see earlier post) was too cute to pass up. She whipped one up in just a few hours.

Mission Critical Project
Here we are “working” at Kristy’s desk. We work like this a lot. Wearing matching hats and pointing at the screen. We’re very busy discussing a mission critical project. Really.

But take a closer look.

Big Head Pink Bar
See the pink bar? It represents the width of Kristy’s hat.

Compare the same size pink bar on my hat.

Big Head Red Bar
See the red bar? It represents the width of my hat.
Compare the same size red bar on Kristy's hat.

I’m guessing you know where I’m going here…Big Head. Land Of.

So whether you have a normal sized or, um, abnormal sized head, these hats are really cute (IMHO). And the pattern is so easy – it only looks complicated, yet makes you look like a very experienced knitter.

But now I must go. There's a mission critical project waiting for me…


laurie said...

hehehehehe... big head! to hold BIG brains!

I have a big head too! for all my BIG brains!

Or so I tell people....

riseyp said...

no, no, no.... you were just foreshortened! See, your head is in the foreground of the photo, closer to the camera than Kristy's is, and therefore only *appears* larger!

you haven't aged a day, btw.

bitch :-)

riseyp said...

oh, and i'm really considering leaving my... er... high-powered job at a... er... world-changing non-profit, just so I can come work with you guys and knit hats at lunch TOO!

either that, or recruit y'all over here.

Liz said...

uh... yep! I work with these two, and can confirm that they work on mission-critical projects together, side-by-side all the time! ;-)

also, can confirm the hats are really neat. Cannot wait to see the follow-up with F.L. another knitting marketeer, working on the mission-critical project in her hat too!

mia said...

heh, I have a HUGE head too, when I was a baby, the doctors thought I had hydrocephalus (water in your brain, makes head big), but no, it was just a biiiig head.


Knitter stacy, don't fret. I have a large head as well - its sad, awful, and pathetic. I want to wear cute floppy hats in the summer (to protect my white as the belly of a whale skin), and that cute floppy style that j-lo has, but my head is large. i believe its b/c of my high iq, but i dont know if that is neccessarily scientific fact. you are not alone in this world. i couldnt purchase a hat in a store if i wanted... (ps i read kristy's blog and rolled over to you today)