Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm Stacy, Fly Me

I finished the seamless sweater a few weeks ago. I tried it on and said to my husband:

Me: "Look honey. I finished my seamless sweater. Do you like it?"

Husband: "That looks great. But what are you going to do, go flying with those sleeves?"

Seamless sweater version 1.0

Close up of bell sleeves that I thought were such a nice touch...

Denying that the bell sleeves were, in fact, a bit too bell-y -- I wore my sweater to work and used my co-workers as a small focus group.

Nice co-workers: "Wow, the bell sleeves are pretty. I really like them. Unique."

Wise ass co-workers: "Hmmm. Nice sweater. But what's with those sleeves? Are they supposed to be that way?"

Oh well. As the saying goes: Ripping is a part of I ripped. And re-did the sleeves.

Seamless sweater version 2.0

Missy says: "Even with my one eye, I can tell this version is better."


Melliferous Pants said...

What an adorable sweater (and kitty)!

Where did you find the pattern?

stacyo said...

thank you!
the sweater pattern comes from the company called Knitting Pure and Simple.
It's their standard seamless sweater pattern. They don't sell direct from their site but many yarn stores carry them. I got mine at Urban Knitting in SF when I took a "seamless sweater" class. We altered the pattern slightly, so if you buy one, let me know and I'll tell you how we changed it.