Monday, April 18, 2005


Not a good word. Makes me do crazy things. Take, for example, Colgate toothpaste. The original Cavity Protection Gel. Not the white. Not the gazillion stupid new flavors they’ve introduced recently. The Original Gel.

It’s impossible to find anymore. I.m.p.o.s.s.i.b.l.e. Targhey doesn’t carry it. Safeway doesn’t either. Rite Aid had a few – and I bought them all. Yes, all of them. Oh yeah, I can hear you now. You sound just like my husband. “What is wrong with you? You’re hording toothpaste!”

Yes. I hoard.

Cabinet One

Cabinet Two

I’ve even sent an email to the geniuses at Colgate to find out WTF is up with my favorite toothpaste. I’ll let you know what they say. (I know, you’ll be checking back DAILY to hear the final word…)

So what does ANY OF THIS have to do with knitting? I’ll tell you.

See this?

It’s a great Hasana shawl using Berroco’s Nimbus yarn. One of the free patterns available from their website.

Ah. But read the fine print:
“Please note that this pattern specifies yarn(s) which have been discontinued by Berroco.”

DISCONTINUED. Warning. It’s discontinued. Nimbus is its name. I must find it! I must have it!

Ebay to the rescue. And a yarn seller named Toadal Discount Yarn. She’s selling 83 skeins of this limited stuff. (Well, make that 77.)

Soon, I will make myself a Hasana shawl. Because I need it. Yes, I do. Really. And I’ll wear it while smiling and showing off my pearly white teeth. Newly brushed with Colgate’s Cavity Protection Gel. Because I am a hoarder.


k said...

you realize that the berroco nimbus is your version of elaine's today's sponge?

Anonymous said...

um.... the toothpaste is only the tip of the iceberg. know that once you find the perfect hair product and figure out how to apply it perfectly every time, it will be discontinued without warning. suddenly the shelves will be empty. in all 4 walgreens and the creepy rite-aid.

-el snarkster

Ruth said...

i'm the same way with Crest toothpaste (fresh mint only!). i get upset if my husband gets anything else =P

riseyp said...

Yes, I made fun of my bf for hoarding bottles of his favorite cologne, Minotaure.

But then, my favorite anti-perspirant was recently discontinued, and when I found cases of it in a Big Lots store down in LA, what did I do?

I bought 6! :-) (Deodorants, not case. I'm not that smelly. I don't think.)

Anonymous said...

i have another word for discontinued - COSTCO! i found my shampoo and conditioner - loved it; loved that minty, leafy touch. i came back one day, and BAM! hasta la bista, baby!

Melliferous Pants said...

Bonnie Bell discontinued my favorite Lip Smacker flavor. I wrote them a letter asking them why and if they would bring it back. They sent me a bs form letter and a giant catalog- bah!

Anglers Rest said...

Avon recently discontinued my favourite shower gel....why do they do that? I turned to eBay and located someone who sold me.....20 bottles.! Hows that for obsessive?!!