Friday, January 06, 2006

Kntting Books, Worm Farms and Horrified Friends

My sister and I decided that we would tell each other what we wanted for Christmas this year since we are both convinced that the other is the hardest person in the world to shop for.

I asked for this:

Barbara Walker's classic Treasury of Knitting book

My sister gave me a hard time.

Suzie: "A stupid knitting book?? That's what you want for Christmas? Is that the best you can come up with?"

Me: "She who asks for a Worm Farm can't really be scoffing at my request for a Knitting Book, can she??"

Side Note: Yes. My sister really wanted a Worm Farm for Christmas.

I think her friend David, who she has been friends with since junior high, had the best comment:

David: "What the hell has gotten into you both? You scare me! One is asking Santa for a Knitting Book and the other wants a worm farm? Are you mad? Have you both lost your minds? A knitting book! A worm farm? You want a worm farm? Please... I'm going to have to order a second bottle of wine with breakfast if you keep this nonsense up any longer..."

Well, Santa did OK. I got my knitting book and Suzie got her worm farm.

Start of a scarf
- the first project combining two patterns from the book

No news yet on the worm farm is coming along...or if David opened that second bottle of wine...


Carrie K said...

No, clearly a knitting book is a perfectly acceptable present to give or to recieve but a worm farm? And this requested by a blood relative? It's true. You can't choose your family.

That story just cracked me up.

Second Bottle of wine said...

I known you females since the dawn of time and I must say that you both are becomeing more and more like you [God love em] Aunties in Brooklyn. Knitting books? Worm Farms? I think it would be rather important for your readers Stacy--may I call you Stacy?--if you would come clean with them and tell all about the hold up you master minded in Akron 10 years back... Knitting books--please! Who are you trying to get over on? Don't these folk know who you really are yet? Haven't they pieced together the story? Knitting book indeed. Knitting needles, maybe, althought I know your preferance for a knife but a book...PLEASE!

suzie said...

Laugh all you want but you have all reaped the benefits of my magical green thumb! Radicchio from Treviso waiting with your door man in NY for "Second bottle of wine" --complete with olive oil to boot. And Pinky--your radishes are almost ready to be FEDEXed so you and your colleagues at work could marvel at the burning sensation they leave in your bellies. I think a fair exchange would be one of those cute orange bags for um whaa--the worm farmer.

Adi said...

Cool scarf, I made a pillow with almost that exact pattern, except I messed it up at the end, I somehow got confused on what row I was on and it ended up looking quite funny. Your scarf looks good.