Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday. Hope You Like Your Present. Now Give it Back.

That's pretty much what I told my friend Terry when we had dinner for her birthday.

Terry had always commented on how much she liked the first poncho I knitted. So I knew that I would make her one, it was just a matter of when -- because there are two kinds of knitters: those who knit for others and those who knit for themselves. And since I fall into the second bucket of knitters (aka: the selfish bitches) finding the time to knit said poncho for Terry would prove to be difficult.

Almost a year passed before I finally took the plunge and purchased the yarn. Because her birthday is in December my procrastinating was justified. (See how naturally I justifed that??)

Once the yarn arrived I began the project. Also on deck was a matching hat. This is a really easy pattern and you can make it with Lion Brand yarn. (ewe. I know. But it works for this pattern, I swear.)

Before the poncho was finished, and before the hat was even started, I called Terry to schedule a birthday dinner where I would present her present. Dinner was approaching fast, and I just ran out of time. Not to mention, it was January. So I was late on many fronts.

What do I do?

Bring it with me anyway. Unfinished. But nicely wrapped!

Happy Birthday.

I promised the matching hat and weaved-in ends hanging everywhere would be done soon -- after she gave me back the present I just gave her. And now, almost two weeks after our dinner, Terry's birthday gift is finally complete!



Up close view. I used a Berrocco eyelash yarn for the trim.


Valerie said...

you are so awesome!!! I can't believe how good you are at knitting and you haven't even been knitting a whole year yet.

You're my inspiration.

Is that yarn you used actually Lion Brand?? Can you tell me the name and color? I love it!!!

dewey said...

Hahahaha, I just did that to a friend too! "Here's the thing you asked me to knit for your pet. Does the sizing look right? Good, now give it back, I need to finish it."

She thinks I'm weird. I think I'm considerate, ensuring the comfort of her pet.

riseyp said...

gorgeous hat!! love the color combo~~

maybe see you next week at wine & knit??