Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Is Ugly the New Pretty?

This is my completed Zephyr poncho from the Rowan Plaid book. I finished it over a month ago but didn't have the heart to post anything about it.

Rowan Plaid "Zephyr" Poncho


Because I hate it.

Is it possible that ugly is the new pretty? If so, then I'm in luck. But since it's not, I'm SOL.

All that time. All that yarn. All that money. And now I get to rip. Again.

I hate the ripping. But I hate the ugly, so I guess I'll have to rip.

My friend Marissa says to take off the fringe and maybe that will help. My husband says to post the completed disaster on ebay and hope to get 20 bucks for it. I say I'll just rip and make something else out of the yarn. One day. Like 2025.

I already have the yarn to make the Rowan "Thunder" poncho.

But I'm afraid. Very afraid...What if that one is ugly too?

What do you think?


Kali said...

I would definately try shortening or removing the fringe and see how it looks before you rip the whole piece. You might also consider adding something more around the neck opening to change its appearance? Good luck with it

Marissa said...

Burn it. Energy bills are sky high right now. Think of what you could save on your heating bill if you lit that thing on fire. Or, it could make a nice cat blanket.

Valerie said...

I'm with your friend. I would try taking off the fringe. If that still doesn't work, I'm with your hubby, sell it on ebay. At least you'll get a few bucks to spend on new yarn! :D

Kathy said...

Hi Stacye.
I like the hated Zephyr poncho but can see how a person could get lost in there...

It's Kathy Spina. Riccardo gave me your blog and it's hysterical! Do you know of any free knit pattern websites for kids? Not the cheesy stuff you find on google but things a little more edgy that you would find in a boutique type store. I just finished a bunny hat for Olive and need a new project. I'm still very armature so any pattern has to be extremely simple.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a picture of said ugly poncho on a person...hard to tell what it really looks like on a hanger...beautiful color though.

riseyp said...

man, i bet you could get a lot for it on eBay!! it looks very pretty in the photo...