Monday, September 01, 2008

Still Knitting

It's hard to keep up a blog about knitting when it's hard to find time to knit. But thinking back over the last few months, I've actually done a fair amount of knitting. But not so much blogging.

Over two years ago I was in Sea Ranch, CA, and found yarn made from sheep that graze their hills. I started something with the yarn at least four times and ripped it just as often. I couldn't find the correct pattern for this yarn.

Recently, while browsing the Winter 2007/2008 issue of Vogue Knitting, I spotted the perfect pattern for the Sea Ranch Wool -- a cabled scarf and hat. It's not like that's so unique -- but it was just right for this yarn.

It was a little bit of a challenge because the pattern was written in chart format. I've avoided charts in the past because they looked too scary, but it turned out to be less scary after I color-coded the right and wrong rows.

This wool, because it's made locally vs. at some big yarn manufacturer, had a very gamy smell and was kind of dirty. I couldn't wait to wash it to see what effect it would have on the yarn.

It turned out great. The color took on a less gray color, and felt smooth and soft. (Using some Bumble and Bumble conditioner in the final rinse might have helped!)

I put the drenched scarf in a lingerie bag on the spin cycle for a few minutes. Then I blocked it with pins on this gigantic blocking board that's been sitting in my closet gathering dust since I bought it last year.

Here it is, blocked and dried. I'm really happy with the outcome. The cables are highlighted nicely and the gamy stink is gone.

I'll start the hat shortly, I have to adjust the pattern slightly to fit my
big fat head. I look forward to bringing them both with me on my next trip to Sea Ranch.


Marissa said...

It looks great! Much better than before, and it seems whiter, is that real, or just the camera? Very nice! I'll have to get that pattern from you...I love cabling! (wow, I sound like such a nerd)

Jane said...

Your scarf is beautiful! I do love the knitting magazines -- Vogue is great, although I don't think I've made anything from one yet. Last year I knitted most of our Christmas gifts -- 1 hat, 2 shrugs and 12 scarves. Yep, scarves are fun to knit!!!