Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Ten Month Socks

I started working on a pair of socks for my sister in March 07. I was on a plane to a trade show in Orlando and figured the five hour flight each way would give me a good head start. Plus, I had until November of that same year to finish them in time for her birthday. Piece of cake, I thought.

November came and went. No socks.

Christmas came and went. No socks.

I mailed them to her in January 08.

With this card:

Here's what they looked like:

I used Panda Cotton, a blend of 55% bamboo, 24% cotton and 21% elastic nylon.
A really nice yarn. Smooth. Easy to knit with. It's a 4-ply, which can get a little tricky on size 1 needles if you're not careful, but overall a great yarn.

I spoke to my sister the other day and she's loving her socks. But it's already February. If I plan on knitting her something for this year's birthday I better get started now...


Anonymous said...

O Stacy Oh - finally a new post.



Anonymous said...

My socks have arrived from my sister the knitter. One sock at a time. The first one arrived 5 months ago. That lone sock is now a functional pair of muted orange colored socks that I love. My sister wanted to know how well they fit. They are truly the most comfortable socks I ever had. My experience with socks reminds me of the Sienfeld episode with Elaine trying to find socks for Mr. Pitt. Most of my socks are disgarded because they are just too tight around the ankle or calf and drive me crazy. And no I am not a plus size. Socks are just plain annoying. But these socks are warm and cozy with just the right amount of elasticity. So comfy that I must hide them from my husband who has an affinity for squeezing his flippers into my Felix the cat slippers or any other fluffy foot covering I own. Thanks sis.