Monday, February 11, 2008

Did Paula Abdul Have It Right?

Ok, so I'm dating myself. But the Paula Abdul song "opposites attract" is not exactly a new concept. Opposites do attract. On one hand that makes perfect sense. You want people in your life who are different than you. But on the other hand -- it's kind of ironic. Think about it. Someone quiet winds up with someone loud. How annoying for the quiet person when all they want is silence.

Someone aggressive lands someone passive. How frustrating for the aggressive person to have to put up with all that passivity. Or someone neat marries someone who, let's just say, is not so neat.

My point is this:

My husband was on a business trip recently and I was meeting up with him to spend the weekend. By the time I arrived, he had been living in his hotel room for six days.

This is what the bathroom sink looked like (coffe cups were not his):

I'm not kidding. Six days! I arranged nothing for this photo.

After 6 minutes, this is what my side of the bathroom sink looked like:

Let's discuss. You're on a trip for about 8 days. You have 3 containers of liquid, some dental floss and toothpaste?

I'm gone for two stinking nights and the thought of fitting everything into one quart-sized ziploc so I can carry on luggage instead of checking is mind boggling.

Two words for a successful marriage:
Separate bathrooms!

Ok. Plus three more words: Breathe right strips...

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