Thursday, October 13, 2005

Meet Henry

He's a Katrina hurricane survivor.

He came to us from the
Lamar Dixon shelter in Louisiana through the Marin Humane Society's "Operation Orphans of the Storm."

We're fostering him until he's a little more adjusted to life away from the bayou in Northern California. (Read: F.O.S.T.E.R.I.N.G. he will not become kitty number 7 in our house...) Not that I don't love him. But
six cats are plenty for me.

Henry looks like he's been through a lot. He's super skinny. (So much so that he has kind of a
bobble-head that Hollywood celebrities get when they decide that a size 0 is fashionable.)

He's cut some cuts and missing fur. But he is SUPER friendly and loves people. And he's a big head butt-er. His table manners could be a bit more refined, as he tends to chew with his mouth open and spill out food, but hey, we don't know much about his family upbringing.

We named him Henry because his head reminds me of Pink Panther. Originally I wanted to name him "Mancini" for Henry Mancini who did the score for the movies. But my husband thought that was just way too stupid (considering I had just come back from my Italian class when I had this brilliant idea) and he suggested "Henry."

Perfect. He looks just like a Henry.

And coincidentally -- he is.

Because his original guardian from New Orleans found his profile on the day after we took him home. And guess what her name for him was? Hank. How coincidental is that?

This woman unfortunately can't take him back because she's elderly, recently had a stroke and lost her husband earlier this year. She's a bit of a crazy cat lady, as she claims to have owned 16 cats when the storm hit. (Not that there's anything wrong with crazy cat ladies...)

So luckily Henry found his way safely to the Bay Area and is now happily living with us in Marin --soon to find a new family he will adopt full time.

Anyone looking for a handsome, white, people-loving kitty from the South who just needs a little more meat on his bones?


dewey said...

If I didn't live 3,000 miles away (oh, and in a different country), I would totally take him.

Hope Henry finds a loving "forever" home soon.

Bonnie said...

Perhaps you have some kitty kat contacts in the Phoenix area. My hubby and I are moving overseas and can't take our precious kitty with us. I have been trying for two months to find her a good new home but a 9 year old cat is a tough sell. Any info would appreciated. Thanks!

Inky said...

i'd drive up there right now and get him if we weren't living with 2 cats in our bedroom right now!! i can't wait til we have our own home again (currently living with family who are allergic) so we can get a couple more kitties!! thanks for taking care of Hank, you guys rock!

tina said...

I would happily house Henry if cats didn't make my throat close. Or if they didn't walk in their own feces.

Kali said...

Oh kitty :) Sounds like a wonderful pet for anyone to have. Hope he finds himself a nice home soon.

Alex Dunne said...

When we get and off the ground, you are hereby appointed editor of both sites.

Marissa said...

You need to update your blog more often!!

agatha said...

I wish my grandma could take this cat. She loves cats, but she knows I am allergic.
I hope that Henry finds a happy home to live in and I hope he gets fatter real soon -- but not as fat as Meow was!