Monday, October 10, 2005

Knit and Wine

My husband collects cars. Some of them are named after cats. (For any of you who know my husband's CrazyCatMan escapades, you will not be shocked by that last sentence.)

One of his cars is a 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Once a year, other folks who own classic Cougars get together in wine country for what's known as the Catistoga Run. (Get it? A play on words with the wine country town of Calistoga and "run" because cougars run fast. So very clevah, as my mother would say.)

This past Saturday was this year's Catistoga Run.

What do I do? Bring my knitting. Because, hey. I'm going to be in a car for a while, I'm not the one doing the driving...and I've got a poncho to finish.

There's a glass of Zinfandel with my name on it in the next tasting room. Gotta hurry and finish this row.

They're pretty impressive all lined up in a row. (Row. Knitting. Ha! I made a funny.) Anyone need to use the litter box before the next winery?

So I wined a little. And knitted a little. All-in-all it was a pretty nice day as my poncho nears the finish line.


Marissa said...

Glad you used your time productively. I brought my knitting on the boat yesterday to watch the Blue Angels - I mean, I was watching the Blue Angels, my knitting wasn't. Ha.

kitty said...

Wow! Those cars are DYNOMITE!
The poncho's not too bad, either!
Looks great next to the Cougar logo.

Inky said...

meow!! sexy cars!! next year you can WEAR the poncho :)

laurie said...

Rowan plaid, classic cars and wine? YOU HAVE THE PERFECT LIFE.

Love the pics :)