Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Guess They Took Some Crap

This arrived in my inbox yesterday:

Hmmm. I wonder what could have prompted such a communique? Berroco has been consistently sending free patterns via emails containing the most beautiful projects. Maybe they finally got wind of some blog bashing going on in which they were a frequent feature.

Can't say I know for sure, I'm just guessing...


punk rock knitter said...

Ugh. It's not a matter of wanting more conservative garments. It's a matter of wanting garments that aren't hideously ugly.

Because really, I don't know what media outlets they've been looking at, what streets they've been on or at which runways they've sat beside, because the sh*t they come up with is just plain old fugly.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of insulting the consumer's intelligence. Thanks for smacking them back into reality.

Then again, here's someone that might like that style.