Wednesday, January 28, 2009, What Were You Thinking?

A recent email from included three special patterns. The third they described as:
"...a little something to amuse you...and perhaps inspire you to give your heart away this Valentine's Day!"
I thought they meant something like this:

But no. They were talking about a knitted heart, heart:

Um. Why??


Anonymous said...

I have to say I think the anatomical heart is awesome, and will be making one of these for my sweetie. It will be more appreciated than a heart least in my house.

Esterrific said...

um. why? maybe b/c that's one of the most creative and meaningful valentine's day gifts you could possibly give. the gift of your heart, to your significant other. i think it's an incredible idea and was executed flawlessly. i can't wait to CO mine this afternoon.

stacyo said...

Sorry guys. I'm glad you like it but I would hate to make or receive this "heart."