Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jessica Had a Little Lamb

A co-worker and I were at a company dinner this week, and somehow (really, I don't know how) knitting became part of the conversation.

Jessica: "Oh, you knit?"

Me: "Yes, I do."

Our other co-worker Greg, until this point an active participant in our discussion, rolled his eyes and turned the other way to talk to Marco. I think I overheard him say "Hey. How 'bout those 49ers..." (OK. That last part is a total lie.)

Then Jessica added, "My boyfriend and I are getting a baby lamb this Friday!"

A baby lamb! How cute. I want one! This baby's mom didn't take to her and wasn't feeding her or the siblings. The farmer bottle fed them until old enough to get adopted.

Jessica and her boyfriend live on a multi-acre piece of land about an hour from Portland, and want to keep the lamb as a pet.

Meet the new baby:

I don't know her name yet. For now she can just be known as Jessica's Little Lamb.

I checked on eBay, and in case she ever wants to sell her sheered wool, it seems like the going rate is about 10 bucks for a pound of wool.

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