Saturday, February 20, 2010

Travel Knitting

I have about 7 WIP and about 900 new projects to begin, and I've got a round trip to Europe and 7 hours on a train worth of time to fill.

But what projects to bring?

I have one seamless sweater that's almost complete on the body -- just the sleeves need to be worked. But I'm not sure I want to lug a whole sweater around Europe with me. That's the one downside of seamless sweaters. They're not great travel projects once you join under the arms and really get moving!

I've got the Dollar and a Half cardigan that's been sitting in a bag for over a year now because I once again screwed it up and have to frog a fair amount. Ugh. Do I want to be frustrated as I fly over the Atlantic? Maybe being captive in a flying tube for so long will actually make me finish this section so I can continue on.

Then there are hats. Hats for me, hats for friends. Hats that have been in the queue to match with scarves and hats that just want to be made. I might have to bring a hat or two with me because they're quick and I'll feel accomplished. And since where I'm going is cold -- I'll get to wear it right away!

I also have scarves in progress. Easy scarves are great knitting companions because you can knit them while watching movies. Or listening to podcasts. I'll certainly have a scarf or two with me as well.

I can say this: I will travel with than one project. I just don't know exactly which ones!

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