Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Purl Shell Scarf

Here's a scarf that I made for my friend Terry for her birthday. I know. I'm not usually a knitter for other people. But the color was perfect for her (a really soft pale blue, which clearly doesn't show up in these pics...)

Le Scarf

The stitch is Purl Shell from Barbara Walkers Treasury of Knitting which I've renamed Treasury of Torture, since many of the stitches cause me to curse a lot.

Taking a Saturday morning stitch class at my LYS finally had me master it. It's really not as hard as I first thought, but definitely one of those stitches where you have to pay attention when knitting.

Up close look

I used four skeins of Merino Big Superfein from Lassa Grossa, which was 520 yards of yarn. This stitch is a bit of a yarn pig, as I didn't think I'd need the 4th skein, but used almost all of it.

All in all worth it because I think the scarf looks pretty unique. I've already started a purl shell scarf for me with different yarn. (Yes, for me. I know. Shocking.)


Larjmarj said...

Just beautiful! I keep seeing these books referenced on other blogs, I may have to invest in them one day. I'm not usually a knit for others person either.

Jennifer Coomer said...


Marissa said...

I love that stitch with that yarn! It will be interesting to see how it turns out with that crazy yarn you're working with now. Happy New Year!!

Valerie said...

That is completely beautiful. WOW. Looks fantastic Stacy! Great job!

Allison said...

That's beautiful; almost looks crocheted.