Sunday, July 02, 2006

Obesity...Part Deux

Who could imagine all that could happen as a result of purchasing a stupid scale?

As my previous post mentioned, I bought a new scale. This new purchase of mine tells me I'm 44% body fat. While I don't necessarily believe its technology and doubted its reading to be true, I was realistic enough to know that my body fat percentage was higher than it should be.

So last week, I had my body fat percentage tested at a nutritionist's office. (Said nutritionist also mentioned that I should start eating meat again -- which I found a bit strange for a Northern California nutritionist, but I digress...) Thankfully, my real body fat percentage is not 44%. But it ain't very pretty. It's 36%. And I should be in the vacinity of 24%. Oooof.

So now I'm faced with a decision: A.)Ignore it. Or B.) Do something about it.

I opted for B and decided to join Weight Watchers. I know. How dorky. But they must do something right. They've been around for 40 years and are the number one weight loss plan around for keeping weight off.

My friend Marissa decided to join me in my quest to lose a few. Which then led to the two of us crafting a little competition. Who could lose the most weight in a 10-week timeframe? The winner (ie: biggest loser) pays the loser (ie: not the biggest loser) $150 bucks.

That led to adding our frind Christina into our little competition. Which led to adding Judi, and Alison and Ally and Terry. Now we've got seven participants in our little weight loss-apalooza.

The rules are simple: she who loses the largest percentage of body weight after 10 weeks collects $150 from all the other participants. That's a total windfall of $900 smackers.

I'm going to win.

Think of the yarn I'll buy.

I'll keep you posted. Or you can follow along at our blog.


Valerie said...

Good luck stacy! I'm not doing weight watchers, but I'm trying to lose some of my 33% body fat. It's hard. BUt it's possible. I lost 1.3% body fat in 3 weeks. Doesn't seem like much, but once you realize how hard you have to work at it, it's A LOT.

Kristen said...

I was randomly looking at blogs and wanted to say good luck. I lost 30 lbs with weight watchers in a couple of months and i think its a great program, although i still have about 30 more to lose.

Inmate said...

Our best wishes are with you. You can do it! It is the best method for bringing you to your target weight and you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an incentive. Stacy, I met you last year in Rockville Centre with your mom, but just came across your address. I taught your mom computer a few years ago. Good luck and I hope you win, either way, you will be a winner, take it from one who knows!