Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Friend Christina Thinks I'm Crazy


Because I wrote a complaint letter to Safeway via their website today.

I guess that's just me. The Safeway in my town sucks. Seriously. I guess this was the trip that broke this camel's back, so to speak, so today I opted to let them know.

Christina suggested I post this on my blog so that others can learn how to write a complaint letter. I'm not sure this one qualifies as one of my better complaint letters (yeah, yeah, I write them often...) but I'll post it here anyway.

Dear Safeway:

I don't understand why my local Safeway is such a terrible store. Nothing is ever in stock, the store is a wreck, even the Safeway branding inside the store is half missing -- it's like the Safeway that time forgot.

With all the competition in this area, I'm surprised at the horrible condition of this location. My checker said it best last night: "Well, I guess they don't want to spend the money to have items restocked in the evening."

It was 8:30 pm and the shelves were bare. No blueberries. No strawberries. Nothing but a few green bananas that even a chimp would turn down. The yogurt aisle was wiped clean, as was the frozen ice cream department (no sugar free, fat free fudgesicles for me...). I opted for frozen blueberries instead -- and even those were out of stock! My trip was a complete waste of time.

If this Safeway doesn't want to pay the money to keep its shelves stocked, then I don't want to pay the money to buy my groceries here. I'll be sure to frequent (the other two local stores) much more from now on.

What a disappointing store. Safeway should be ashamed.

So there you have it. My letter to Safeway. What can I say? When I get mad, I speak my mind. And for those of you who think I only send letters to complain, I have been known to send complimentary letters, as well...they're just not as much fun.


Jenn said...

What store is it? My husband is the manager of a Safeway up here in Pollock Pines.

Right now all the store managers in Ca and Hawaii are in Monterey for a 3 day meeting.

I am sure this time it is a case of "if the cats away, the mice will play"

Greg is dreading going into his store tomorrow and seeing what has and hasn't been done.

Kat said...

If you don't complain how will they never know it's wrong?

Anonymous said...

Good for you......Safeway is a hideous company.

Shopping can be bad, but working for them is a nightmare.

Did you know that everyone works out of the same cash drawers. So when money is missing they watch all that were on that register.

They treat their employees like crap 'cause they know that they'll eventually complain and they want to have the upper hand.

Your schedule comes out every Thursday for Sunday through Saturday. It's never the same. So you have to beg for time off in a letter when you make dr appts, hair appts, kid's stuff, etc. Eventually they have so many letters that when you request they throw them in your face and say we always filled your request.
These employees are not performing life and death issues. So why can't the crappy company give the schedule for a month at a time. Then the employee could schedule their appts accordingly and there would be way less request for time off.

They are the worst company.