Sunday, May 28, 2006

Boring Blog

I know. My blog is boring lately. My knitting has been boring lately. I have 5 zillion projects waiting to start, but I'm my own worst enemy because of my latest obsession with altering patterns to fit me the way I want.

Which means that I will no longer start a pattern in "hopes" of it fitting when I'm done. I've gone that route and it turns out ugly. On so many fronts. My new obsession means I have to do "the maths" every time I want to start a new project.

I'm not such a big fan of "the maths."

It requires the use of a calculator. And thinking. And counting. And concentration. And rewriting the original pattern.

So here I sit working of scarf after boring scarf or kitty pi after kitty pi because they are easy and don't need pattern rewriting. But I've got the long weekend and I'm determined to at least get the pattern reworked so I can cast on a new not-a-scarf, not-another-kitty-pi project.

Wish me luck!

On the SP8 front, my spoiling pal sent me an adorable Hallmark ecard. This one was wishing me a happy long weekend. Why can't all weekends be three days? For the secret pal that I'm spoiling, I've been reading up on her through her blog and have started to build her first care package. Were it not for a killer migraine on Thursday nite that kept me from my LYS "knit and whine" event, I would have been able to send off a package already.


corrina said...

I've taken a break from knitting garments. Nothing ever fits quite right, and being um, zaftig, as I am, it's a helluva lot of knitting for something I can't wear.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever knit from patterns becuase like you said, they never fit... I just make up a design, knit a swatch, calculate my head off (not so mad math skillz here too- husband has to double check work!) and start knitting. I always like the end product, and it always fits well, so all of that calculation pays off in the end.

Good luck, and have a great Monday off!