Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ben is Annoyed with My Blog

As I'm sure many of my IIFs are. (That's Imaginary Internet Friends, pretending that I have some left.)

Meet Ben.

He's one of my co-workers at my not-so-new-anymore job.

His official job responsibility is to manage all of the company's PR efforts. His unofficial job responsibility is to plan all of the drinking-related events for the office.

He has a fully stocked bar here at work (hi HR -- it's locked up. really...), a "lounge" area where imbibing employees gather, and he occasionally accepts kisses from the women participants, as you can see above. He's quite the little party planner.

On top of that, he's oddly obsessed with my knitting blog.

Ben: "Stacy -- you need to update that blog. I'm sick of looking at that stupid ostrich."

Ben: "Um...Stacy...what's up with that blog? You've really got to keep that up."

Ben: "Stacy, why don't you blog about my latest press release. It's Ok that it has nothing to do with knitting. It's a great release. You should write about it."

So here is my latest entry. For you Ben. And for anyone out there who still checks in with me on the off chance I've posted something. Anything.

I promise -- I will be a better blogger. I've got so many bad knitting projects in my queue, many that have been ripped out, some that have been finished and ridiculed (ie: not sure I can wear outside my house) and others that just deserve to be blogged about.

Coming soon. Good entries. I promise. In the meantime, enjoy Ben. BTW, he's single, and clearly likes to be kissed.


Ben said...

You're a fucker, Stacy.

Love, Ben

PS I'm going to start a press release blog. Oh, wait. I already did.

Marissa said...

thank you BEN!

Jenna (aka Foo) said...

Awww...Ben's a cutie! Single? Reallllly...

And I still check! Glad you're posting again.

riseyp said...

yay stacy!!! glad you're back!

ben is totally correct!

Silver J said...

HE IS ADORABLE! Is he really single? Alas, I think I'm too young (24) and too far (DC) for him. Le sigh.