Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm a Ho

Are you a yarn ho? I am.

I guess it could be worse. I could be a ho on 9th Avenue turning tricks. Instead I'm a Yarn Ho turning web pages and buying yarn like a love-struck teenager.

Lately I've been lusting after
Rowan. I guess that makes me a Rowan Yarn Ho. I can't help myself. I love their yarns. I'm obsessed over their yarns. And their pattern books, too.

My favorite new obsession?


It all started with an innocent purchase of 3
skanks of Plaid in Lavender Mist from my LYS. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I shoved it in one of my many yarn drawers.

Then I found 3 skanks of Plaid in Spicy on ebay. I started knitting a 2x2 rib hat and matching scarf. That's all it took. I was hooked on Rowan Plaid. Or shall I say I became a hooker for Rowan Plaid? (Just continuing with the whole Yarn Ho theme here...)

Which led me to buy the Plaid Collection pattern book.

Which led me to buy yarn for not one, but two ponchos. (I'm pretty sure my What is Ugly, What is Not radar is operating at full-bore again so I'm not afraid of repeating the Razor's Edge Poncho disaster...) But if you think said radar is still on the blink -- do tell. (I won't be insulted, really. Just think of the time you'll be saving me.)

Poncho #1: Zephyr

Poncho #2: Thunder

While this model looks quite lovely jogging on the beach sporting Thunder and a Monica Lewinsky beret, I doubt that's how I'll wear mine when it's completed...But you nevah know...

The Zephyr poncho is part of a "set" -- hat, scarf and poncho

I'm half way through the scarf and almost finished with the hat. (And when I finish, I'm wearing it the next day. I don't care if it's 75 degrees in San Francisco -- it's foggy here in the morning. And cold...)

Then it's on to Zephyr and Thunder. God I hope my radar is working again.


Nancy said...

A "ho" for Rowan? I guess that makes you a Ro-Ho. Sorry. My LYS had a bin of Manos cotton and it took all the self-control in my being not to just jump in.

Inky said...

a ho who knits with skanks of yarn. i sense a trend :)

Marissa said...

Thanks to you, I am also a Ro Ho. I am also a yarn snob. Ah, it feels good to come clean with that. PS - you are SO mean for taking me to your LYS in SF!

Valerie said...

I like all three pix of the ponchos and hat/scarf.

Anonymous said...

I too, am addicted to Rowan and Rowan Plaid. There are only a couple of patterns that I like for myself to WEAR, but a bunch I want to knit. What to do? The yarn costs too much to knit something I'll never wear. Are ponchos a passed fad? I love Thunder and the Zephyr, Wind set... What to do?

kitty said...

i think what you need to exercise is striving to be a "RO-NO!"

Christie said...

Plaid was my first Rowan book [and certainly not my last] and Zephyr was my first big project. Love it...even is ponchos go out of style forever, I will still love it. If you make Thunder, definitely check out Fluffa...she always has great advice.

laurie said...

Ok, here is where I confess I am a Rowan slut, too. But! I bought the plaid collection book after seeing it on skinny rabbit's site (she made the Thunder poncho and I WANT IT SO BAD) and then I got the plaid collection book, and then I searched for the yarn, and then...

.... argh...

this stuff is $17 a skein! And I am fat and need like eleventeen hundred skeins! Which rounds out to approximately five thousand dollars!


laurie, again said...

p.s. Please tell Marissa I am very frustrated because I can't post on her blog! I want to post! I do!

But only blogger peeps can post. So, so sad.

Becky said...

I am so not a poncho person, but I wear my Rowan Plaid Thunder ragged! Knit it, and you'll see that you'll wear it :-)

littledevilworks said...

I love the Zephyr pattern - where did you get it?